Apr 1, 2012

Visitors from Far and Near

As I mentioned before, we have had some visitors.

From near, we had a couple critters show up.

We had this adorable little frog stop in. We see them every year, all summer long, but I still love photographing them. He stayed for a bit before hopping along on his merry way.

We also had this peahen (female peafowl) show up. Not only did she want to visit with us, she wanted to visit with our chickens as well. As of this post, she has come a calling several days in a row.

From far we had family come visit.

My dad had business in south Florida so when he headed back home, he stopped off for a few days to visit. Here is Ori (our rooster), my Dad and I hanging out on the front porch.

Then my mother in law came to spend Spring Break with the kids and us too. Here is my husband and his mom walking along a local beach.


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