Aug 16, 2011

An Egg Story or How Our Hens Surprised Us

Today started off normal enough and then one of our Gold-laced Wyandottes, Fiona, decided to lay an egg, on a towel in a patio chair! I wasn't terribly surprised as she has been getting up into the chairs for the last week while we were sitting out there. I figured either A) She was getting ready to lay and/or B) She enjoyed our company.

Little Mama Fiona.

Fiona's egg in the patio chair.

Fiona's egg cupped in my hand.

We cleaned up the egg and celebrated that our hens are finally laying. Here's where it really gets entertaining. A little while later, we saw another Wyandotte, Belle, disappearing into the shrubbery around the fallen log. I went and had a peek and saw she had two eggs in there. I thought to myself, "Aha! We are onto you now." So I wait for her to get done doing her thing with a couple fake eggs on hand to replace the real ones.

Little Mama Belle.

One Egg

Second Egg

Belle on nest hidden in the liriope, vines and other shrubs.

Fiona's (left) and Belle's (right) eggs.

Well, she really pulled a fast one. There were not two eggs but NINE!

Clutch of eggs (does not include the three we already collected)

Although one was definitely not hers. Apparently our Splash Maran, Snowy, added to the clutch too.

Little Mama Snowy.

Snowy's egg.

So in one day we have found ten eggs. We'll need to eat the Wyandotte eggs first. They could have come from any one of the other four Wyandottes but I have a feeling that they are from Belle, which means they could have been there for a few days. I am going to candle them first to make sure I don't see anything.

All the pretty eggs.

Eggs in the carton, just shy of a dozen.


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the cuby poet said...

I love the story of the eggs and the photos too. Like your blog.