Jun 30, 2009

To Grandmother's House

I stopped in and saw both my grandmothers a few days ago. My little brother and his wife were visiting from North Carolina so we loaded up and accompanied them over to visit with family. After they left, I stuck around at Grandma F's house. We talked about her paintings, my lack of ability to knit or crochet (anyone want to try teaching me?), quilting, cross stitchery and gardening. She has a beautiful orchid on her front porch that just captivated me. I have always been a tad bit intimidated by them. I hear from a lot of people that they are easier than they seem but I don't seem to mesh well with house plants.

Beautiful Orchid

I am good with house succulents like cacti and aloe. Grandma F. sent me home with some cuttings of this beauty. I would love to know what it is. I know it is some variant off of the Christmas/Easter Cactus. It has the same form and similar but much larger flowers. I would say they are a good 6 inches or more across.

Blooming Cactus

Bloom Up Close

A jaunt up to the front yard resulted in some neat finds. First we discovered some lilies in bloom. Of course, Grandma F. knew they were there but it was a discovery to me!

Lilies in Bloom

Also, we spied a fledgling bird. The photo was hastily taken so it isn't the best. I did soften the background so the little bird is discernible. Grandma F. and I quickly got out of the way as mom and dad were most likely nearby and we did not want to disturb the new flier.


I don't always get around to visiting my Grandma F. as often as I should but I enjoy my time immensely when I do. When I finally got the children loaded up, we left with the promise of coming back later this week so my youngest son can paint with her and I can work on some sewing. I am sure there will be some artsy photos to share soon.



Anonymous said...

Jessica, I can't knit or grow orchids either. And I've tried!

That beautiful cactus with the red blooms might be an Easter Cactus.

Lovely photos. You're lucky to be able to still visit with not just one but two grandmothers.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Even if you can't knit it's so wonderful to be able to visit your grandmother(s) and spend time with them...The orchid and the red blooms are beautiful.

Thank you for following my blog and giving me this opportunity to come here. I'll be back. Cheers!!!

Sunita said...

That's a gorgeous Phalaenopsis orchid. I'm a bit intimidated by them too ... but don't tell my phals! I think the secret to growing orchids is to treat them with a healthy dose of neglect. It works with my other orchids but when it comes to my phals ...!
Those blooming cactii look spectacular!
Great photos, Jessica. I enjoyed that one of the baby bird too.