Jul 2, 2009

The Grass is Greener On the Other Side

Three times yesterday our flock escaped from the coop. I would send the boys out to herd them in and sternly remind them to latch the gate shut. Twenty minutes later I would hear loud clucking and quacking right outside the window and the flock would be on the loose again. Finally the third time this happened, I went out to investigate and do a impromptu photo shoot. The problem ended up being with the gate post. It has shifted slightly in the ground so the latch is not catching all the way.

In other ducky news, they have all been named. The two Rouen ducks were named Roe & Wynn. The two Pekin ducks were named Angel and Winifred (Wini for short).

So here are some photos of The Great Escape starring our flock of poultry. Enjoy!

Clockwise from top left: Goldie, Miss Queen, Amber & Checkers.

Amber and Checkers


Roe, Angel, Wini & Wynn digging in the mud.

Roe with her head buried in the mud.



Kanak Hagjer said...

They seem to be relishing every bit of their 'freedom':) I must say they are beautiful! Those metallic blue patches on the ducks look lovely! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! The Great Escape! Chickens do for a yard what a cat does to the inside of a house. They make the place look cozy and homey.

We had a big kerfuffle locally about keeping chickens within city limits - even as pets, this past year. So many folks had to give up their coops. Too many complaints about roosters crowing at dawn. What a shame.

beth said...

I love garden art and the way you show them! gardening is one of my biggest passions