Jul 31, 2009

Where is Jessica?

Hmm, where could I be?

Me being silly in the car. Pardon, my hair as we were up most of the night driving. Add to that the humidity. Phew!

CLUE 1: I am east of Michigan but still in the United States.

Beautiful scenic views on the highway to our mystery destination.

CLUE 2: I am seeing insects I normally don't see in my part of the country.

Very cool looking fly in the backyard of one of the folks we are visiting. I would love to get an ID on this guy but I am tired of searching for the moment.

CLUE 3: It is a very diverse urban area with any number of styles of restaurants.

My husband, Dave, and I out to dinner tonight.

Any guesses?



Autumn Belle said...

Have a wonderful evening, Jessica.

Anonymous said...

I guess you'll want to put a facebook icon to your website. I just bookmarked the site, but I had to do it manually. Just my $.02 :)