Jul 19, 2009

Update on Slug Love

I blogged the other night about the mating process of slugs. In it, I mentioned not staying up to try and catch the actual mating portion. I stand corrected. On a whim, I went outside one last time with camera in hand. I was hoping that just maybe I had caught the end of the courtship rather than the beginning.

Upon stepping outside, I didn't see the slugs at all. Then I noticed a faint glimmer of moonlight on their slime trail. Using my expert detective skills, I followed the trail down the sidewalk and up the side of the house. There were our lovers in their twisted embrace, fully in the mating process.

So here for your viewing pleasure is the mating tiger slugs in all their sluggy glory.

On a completely different but still creepy crawly note, here is a little spider I found this morning. She was near the same location as the slug mating from two nights ago. I love how my camera picked up the water droplets in her web. The smaller spider was dead and I am assuming a snack for later.



Anonymous said...

I wonder how much work there is for Slug P.I.s these days.

Jessica said...

Hmm... Interesting thought LOL

Rosey Pollen said...

Ugh, and now I have to go cook dinner. Cool pics, though.

Anonymous said...

Love your slug love, Jessica! Way to go!

Autumn Belle said...

It sure is a slimy love affair!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Great capture, Jessica. but looking at the pics did give me the creeps! I think I prefer spiders:)