Aug 7, 2010

Camera Critter Saturday - Great Blue Herons

To quote Panic at the Disco, "We're so sorry we've been gone. We were busy taking photos for you!" Well more or less, that is slightly changed to suit my needs since I do not write songs.

Going back to Ft. Pickens, when we were there it was nesting season for many protected species of birds. Some of these eggs had hatched and chicks were in the area, including crossing roads. This means that the speed limit in the park is 5 mph (8 kph). So we are going pretty slow and I am snapping photos of the herons. I didn't see any new birds but I did catch these beauties.

Heron 1

Heron 2

But then, while I was taking photos of the second heron, I was rudely interrupted by a BANG! It felt and sounded like we had been hit by another car. We looked around and finally realized we had been hit by a bicyclist. Yes, you read that right, a bicyclist. He was on a speed bike and was not looking up. When you watch a bicycle race, you will see the bikers with their heads down. Their helmets are made to be more aerodynamic in that pose. This was what he was doing... in the park, obviously not paying attention to the wildlife or us.

The kicker is, that he tried to blame us because we were going too slow! We politely informed him that if he had been looking up to see all the bright warning signs or listening to the ranger at the gate, he would know the current speed limit is 5 MPH, which most certainly he was in excess of. His tune changed real quick after that. His insurance paid for the repairs and all is now good. Here are the original damage photos.

Broke Out Tail Light

Handle Bar Dent

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Bangchik said...

They are majestic, these herons... Sorry for the little accident... ~bangchik

Rue said...

Hit by a guy on a bicycle? That would actually happen here too. They train for the Ironman triathalon and ride three abreast on our roads. We are told to "share the road" but they drive crazy! Glad the damage wasn't too bad.

Gorgeous shots. I love herons.

Slugyard said...

Great photos. Good to hear that everyone was OK- crazy story.