Aug 13, 2010

Sky Watch Friday - Why I Love Dead Trees

I am an avid gardener and general plant lover. I even detest pulling weeds because they may just turn out to be something I like. I have been known to let poison ivy grow because it turns the most beautiful shade of red in the fall. But there are times when I love a dead tree, particularly when it is only partially dead. Why you ask? These trees make an excellent observation point for our feathered friends.

Since we have been camping out, I have taken a good number of photos of birds in these look out points. Here are just a couple of my favorites. There is a bit of darkness to them but that is because they were taken in the afternoon towards the northwest.

Mourning Dove

Northern Mockingbird

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PS Happy Friday the 13th ;)


JO said...

you just made the dead trees comes alive. great perspective.

~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

Larry said...

Jessica, you are so right about dead tree (snags) and partially dead trees. They are not only perfect perches and roosts for birds, they often contain nesting cavities that birds use for nesting and raising their young.

Cutting down these dead and partially dead trees has caused a decline in some cavity nesting species across the country, especially Bluebirds and possibly some species of woodpeckers.

I am glad to see that you leave your snags in place.

Nice shots of the Mourning Dove and Northern Mockingbird too!