Nov 30, 2010

The Honorable Sir Humphrey Havisham

This is a continuation of my squirrel series. You can meet the other two characters by clicking on their names: Secret Agent Squirrel & Obvious Squirrel.

The Honorable Sir Humphrey Havisham came and joined us for brunch one day. It was over the summer, while we were still camping out in Alabama. We enjoyed a fine brunch of English Muffins.

Thank you for joining us Sir Humphrey. I hope we can do brunch again someday.

One word of advice, PLEASE do not ever treat wild squirrels as if they are pets. They can carry diseases and can be territorial and aggressive. This particular guy lives in a campground that is heavily populated year round so he was fairly used to people. Still we did not touch or try to catch him.

Also, please be aware of what you are feeding them. Do not feed them food that has animal fats, spices or sweets. Wild animals may have sensitive digestive systems. In this case, we gave him some bits of plain English muffins, no butter.



Linda in New Mexico said...

I love squirrels. They are so interesting to watch and can be very bright in their quest for food. Thanks for sharing your squirrels........with us. The Olde Bagg

Rue said...

He is very handsome! Too cute - but I agree with your warning - they are definitely not tame.

Must have been fun for the kids to see though!