Nov 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

I hope all of you had a delightfully frightening Halloween and a Merry Samhain. For those in the southern hemisphere, a Blessed Beltane!

My little heathens went out last night for the annual trick or treating as a race car driver and dark phantom.

Many a spooky house we visited but none were able to scare the boys. They just reminded the ghouls and goblins to give them a treat lest they get a trick, Boo!

After we got home we had a lovely supper followed by dessert. Why it was the candy loot of course.



Kathy said...

Jessica, I am kinda late for your Halloween party, but it's good to see that it looks like everyone had fun. I am back in Michigan now--near the Detroit airport--hope all is well with you & your family as we approach Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Cute trick or treaters you have there. I keep thinking that Halloween is really a conspiracy put on by the dentists.