Jun 29, 2011

Birth Announcement

The Magical Mundane has a baby sister! Please go give the Id Principle a big warm welcome. You can find her over at http://www.blipfoto.com/JessicaAFM. One of my former coworkers gave me a heads up about this site. The basic idea is that everyday you may upload one photo and a brief blurb about the photo. The photo must be taken on the day you post it.

No need to worry though. The Magical Mundane is, and will continue to be my, main creative outlet. The photos on Id Principle will be ones that don't necessarily have a place here. Most of them will be random shots and maybe a few outtakes.

I hope you enjoy both The Magical Mundane and the Id Principle. I leave you with a few snapshots of my most recent feeder visitors.

Mother cardinal with her fledgling at lunch time.

Who can resist such a sweet baby face?



Al said...

I just love this time of year. Babies are showing up all over. Thanks for the great pictures.

ionnature said...

Sweet photos!

Anonymous said...

The last photo is also a cardinal?? Love these.

Jessica said...

Yes that is a wee little cardinal. His or her crest is still just a tuft of fluff. They are very adorable.