Jun 24, 2011

Gulfarium Continued

This is a continuation of yesterday's Gulfarium post. I took so many photos they wouldn't all fit in one post. Today we will take a closer look at the indoor exhibits. I hope you enjoy. The Gulfarium's website is currently down but their store, Aquafarm, site is online. You can see more pictures there or shop for all your salt water aquarium needs. http://www.gulfariumaquafarm.com/.


Feather Duster



This was my husband's favorite fish. I can't remember what his name is.

Various fish from the Reef Tank. I tried to ID as best as possible below photos. If you know what the fish are and they aren't labeled, feel free to leave a comment.

Regal Tang & Achilles Tang

Bannerfish & Yellow Tang

Unicorn Tang

Big Nose Unicorn Tang

Sailfin Tang

Bird Wrasse, Achilles Tang & Yellow Tang

Achilles Tang & Yellow Tang

Bannerfish & Orangespot Surgeon

Back to the individuals, rather than the large reef tank. Here we have a Clownfish.

Fuzzy looking crab

Moray Eel, Maybe a Laced but I am not sure.

Can you see the fish in this photo? It's a Warty Frogfish

Puffer that was not puffed up.

Pajama Cardinal

Some more marine animals.

Clam. This is what it looks like with the animal out of the shell.


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