Jul 11, 2011

Magnus Story or Why I Got The "Look"

A few days ago, I asked the folks over at Blipfoto if they knew why Magnus gave me this look:

Here is why I did in fact deserve the "look". It all started out a very typical Friday. Except, the last few weeks I have been having problems with the fuzziest of the kitties, Magnus. All winter, we had no problems. I can only assume with all the heat and humidity something happened. Both Magnus and I were unhappy with the problem so I decided to get a third party involved.

Saturday morning found us getting loaded up in the car. Not to the vet, not to visit family. No, this was someplace completely new. Fortunately, Magnus liked the gentleman I had help us. Unfortunately, he was not to pleased at the circumstances of meeting him. I will leave you with photos to tell the rest of this story.

The original, uncropped "look" photo.


Post Script: I do in fact, groom Magnus everyday. However, it had gotten to the point where he was matting while just laying around. He did seem to settle right down and actually seems to like his summer "lion" cut. It probably is a lot cooler.

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ionnature said...

I love his new look!