May 4, 2010

Birding on the Farm

My father in law owns just shy of 30 acres out in the middle of nowhere. I love going out to the back where the peach orchard used to be. I can lay in the grass and take hundreds of photos. It is so peaceful with just the sun to warm you and the only noise is the chatter of birds and animals. I hope you enjoy my photos. As always, you may click on them to see bigger versions.

Eastern Towhee

Northern Flicker

European Starling

Eastern Phoebe

American Robin on Blackberry post

Chipping Sparrow in Pine

House Sparrow male getting frisky. I am not sure on the female. She might be another sparrow variety but he was definitely interested. *wink*


Male & Female


1 comment:

Kathy said...

Oh! Eastern Phoebe is so beautiful! Love the color. These are great shots. Thanks for sharing your FIL's work.