May 2, 2010

Invitation to Party

Over at A Fanciful Twist, there is an upcoming party. Save the date if you would like to participate.

The Magical Mundane is pleased to announce that we will be in attendance. I am willing to take suggestions as to what you would like to see on the menu, within price limitations. No caviar here folks. So what magical goodies would you serve at a mad party?


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Linda in New Mexico said...

Thanks for posting about this doings, I had completely forgotten. I'm so excited that you will be having a tea party too. If you haven't already you need to go and see last years posts...too wonderful. GK and I were just brainstorming at lunch about setting up our tea party for Litha, since we always have a mini one for the Fae and just making it bigger and more. Now we can all have a little more whimsy and fairy tale living to contemplate. (((hugs))) until next time