May 10, 2010

Macro Monday - NBCB Part 2

More photos from New Buffalo City Beach. For more macro entries, please visit

Driftwood in the sand.

Holes can form in rocks for many reasons. Some are from sea critters burrowing in them. Others are from air pockets that form when they are hot, as in volcanic rocks. Another explanation is weather and erosion. In any of the cases we are left with a stone that stirs the imagination.

Lake Michigan beach rocks.

Shale is a common sediment in and around the Great Lakes. It is composed of clay mixed with other minerals, usually quartz and calcite. Slate actually comes from shale that has been exposed to heat and pressure. It becomes much harder and is then classified as slate.

Layers in Shale Stone.

Life grows on, even in between the layers of shale.

Here a spider has formed its home in between the shale rocks.


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Linda in New Mexico said...

Lovely, I particularly love the subject of the "holey" rock. Great photos