Nov 9, 2009


As some of you have figured out, we have been in the process of moving. I would say we are about halfway done. With me working full time at the Halloween store we have only had time to move the necessities like some clothes, furniture, bathroom things, etc. I still have to move all my crafting, stamping & scrapping stuff. We also still have all of our cds, books and other fun goodies to move. So much fun and so little time. The kids are loving the new house. They also got new bunk beds from Grandma R and Grandpa M. I am going to keep this short and sweet, so here are a bunch of photos of our new home and it's flowers that came with it.

Our beautiful fireplace, which we have used several times already.

The boys' new bunk beds. Pardon the mess, but they are 8 & 11 years old. Mess goes with them even if half their toys are still at the old house.

The boys in the front room playing video games. They love the new couch.

Our benches on our new front porch.

The ladies exploring their new fenced in yard.

The duckies exploring.

Shasta daisies are still blooming even with the chilly nights.

All of the rose bushes looked pretty much done for the season when out of the blue, one bloomed. I think it is a sign of good times to come. What do you think?



Lyon said...

Beautiful!! =)

Anonymous said...

You are moving? Really? How cool! I'll bet you guys will love your new house. :)