Nov 24, 2009


Back in November of 2007 my brother was in Afghanistan for the first time. We stayed connected via MySpace. During this time frame one of the bulletins circulated asking you to make a haiku for your top three friends or something like that. Today I was scrolling through my brother's contacts and comments, I found the Haiku's I had posted on his page. At the time they were just me being silly but they have so much meaning now. Here they are.



Jessica Marquardt
Nov 6 2007 1:11 PM

First my "nice" one:

Serving our country
Sworn to protect our freedom
Keeping us safe now.

Now my personal one LOL:

My little brother,
always teasing and picking
Video games rule.

Love ya,



That was my brother in a nutshell. He was a hero but he was my little brother too. I know I am normally a happy blogger but right now I am getting some stuff out. In a week or so I promise I will post some beautiful photos and cute duck stories. I just need some time to get back in that place.

Daniel & my oldest son, Jeremy, about three years ago.



Autumn Belle said...

He was indeed a charming and handsome guy. Your kids must have missed him very much too.

Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

I am so very sorry for your loss.

Andrea said...

Hi Jessica, i just stumbled on your blog through Autumn Belle's. I am very sorry about your brother, i also have a batchmate in college who was a UNICEF staff killed by Afghanistan hotel suicide bomber, and another UN Volunteer in the recent bombing. It was really aweful, but we just pray for their souls. Life will go on and we will be able to manage our loss. You will really need those gardening to cope well. You have a very nice garden there, and beautiful photographs. Best wishes and regards.


Lyon said...

*very gentle hugs*