Nov 28, 2009

Gingerbread Village

At my mom and step father's hotel, there is a gingerbread house contest going on this weekend. While we are sad, it was still really neat to see all the creations. They vary in age ranges and experience. There are four categories: Adult Professional, Adult Amateur, Student 13 to 18 years and Student 12 and under. The rules state that all parts of the house must be edible except for the lights and the base. Here are most of the entries. Honestly, my nephew Lucas made me take all these photos, plus some. LOL

Look at this one Aunt Jessie!

Swimming with the sharks, maybe?

Log Cabin

Bird House

Meet the Flintstones (and the Rubbles to the right).

Sweet Houses

I loved the marshmallow snowman.

Patriotic House. This was really awesome considering the circumstances we were even there.

My Fave: Adult Amateur. Check out all the fine details. Remember, except for the lights and base these are 100% edible.

My Fave: Adult Professional. I love how the snow was all glittery. Also there was a light inside so all the stained (candy) glass windows were lit up. The camera lens didn't pick it up though. You will just have to take my word for it.

I haven't decided on what my favorites are in the other categories. I will let you know which ones win. Voting starts later today.



Lyon said...

That is awesome!!! I would never have thought about doing a gingerbread house with all those details! Coolest holiday related thing I've seen so far this year, by far. Thank you for sharing. I am now inspired to go play with some gingerbread. lol

Anonymous said...

Such sweet little gingerbread creations! One of our local school parent groups organizes a gingerbread house display. I am glad you are able to feel and see and share beyond the imnmediacy of your grief.