Nov 12, 2009

Garden Discoveries

A few days ago, I posted some photos of the new place. Part of the new house is the little garden discoveries. Some one at some point either gardened themselves or had it landscaped but it has been a while since it has been really maintained. I am really excited about the challenge. I should have gone to school to be a landscaper as I love designing and rehashing existing designs. Today I was at Lowe's and had to resist buying bulbs. For all I know there could be tulips and daffodils already planted here. So bulbs will wait until after we see what blooms in the spring. So far, this is what we have discovered.

Weigelia Bush

Hydrangea Bush


Daylilies that are done for the season. They will be beautiful next summer.



Unknown plant. I am sure I will figure it out in the spring.

Weeping Cherry Tree




Hostas that are done for the year. It will be interesting to see what varieties we have in the spring.

Also there is an old stone edge around the back garden. It needs some sprucing up. Also hidden in this edging was a couple of conch shells.

Hidden stone

And what post of mine would be complete without poultry? When I looked up from taking macros of the conch shells, there was Goldie and Amber investigating what I was doing with my camera inches from the ground.



Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

Jessica: Thanks for sharing your "to be" garden. Looks like you have some good "bones" to build on. I love the adventure of the redo also. I have never lived in a new home and that means there have always been "finds" in many varying degrees. With a positive outlook, it's a blast. And I just love your ducks and chickens. Have a super day, Linda

SquirrelQueen said...

How exciting to have a new garden to play in next Spring, you have some good plants to start with.
Goldie and Amber are so cute, maybe they are wondering if you found any thing that would be good to eat.


Rue said...

You've got some lovley bones there - I'm sure a gorgeous garden is in the making for next year!

I wish the place I was moving to had a larger yard - I'd have a few chickens too!

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl Jessica! Lilacs take so long to grow and you have quite a large bush of them already.

I found a heap of clam shells in my yard when we first moved here. Conch shells seem like a pretty good omen to me :)