Aug 6, 2009

August Full Moon

Some call it Sturgeon, Green Corn, Grain, & Berry Moons. I am sure that there are other names too. For me, it was just Beautiful. I took out the camera and got a few shaky shots off. The best ones were when I lined up my camera lens with our telescope. Dave and I had fun star and moon gazing but I can't wait to get my digital SLR camera so I can take even better photos. The little light to the left is Jupiter according to StarDate Online.



Autumn Belle said...

That's a very good picture of the moon, Jessica. Actually, I also tried to take a photo of the August moon but I couldn't get a nice one. Are you into the hobby of star gazing too?

Rosey Pollen said...

Pretty moon shots, we looked up with our telesope as well. I always think of Tom Hanks movies when I look at the moon. Just becuase of Apollo 13. :)