Aug 30, 2009

October Blog Party


Autumn happens to be my favorite season. I love the crisp mornings, the smells of leaves and earth, dressing in warm colorful sweaters, bonfires and everything there is to this glorious season. Autumn is so beautiful here in Michigan. Also, the beginning of autumn means my favorite holiday is right around the corner, Halloween. This has always been my favorite, even as a young girl. It is the one night you get to dress up and pretend to be someone or something different. Now it has more of a spiritual nature to me but I still dress up and I still decorate like there is no tomorrow.

Naturally, when I heard that there was an October Blog Party going on over at the Domestic Witch blog, I had to sign up. Here is how it works. I had to pledge to do is something holiday related everyday of the month of October and blog about it. I do not have to blog everyday, just tell you all what I've been doing on each day. If anyone has any interest in participating there, is more info at or you can click the October Blog Party button on the right hand side bar of my blog.

We will now return you to the regular blogging program, at least until October.



Qtswede said...

I love that idea - fall is my favorite too :D I'll be working with my big near black mare so we can dress up as the headless horseman without her getting scared lol. Dont know if we'll be ready for halloween though!

Rosey Pollen said...

I can't wait to see what you post in october!

Domestic Witch said...

I also look forward to your October endeavors! Thanks for signing up!