Aug 15, 2009

Fair Preparation & Gnomish Find

We have had a very busy day. Most of which was and is still being spent on last minute preparation for the county fair. I am just taking a break. Entry day is tomorrow. We still have to finish rehabbing the duck crate tonight. We are replacing the wire top with a hinged plywood door. It was originally intended for rabbits and the opening is way too small for our fat duckies. In the morning, all the poultry going to the fair are getting a light bath before being crated. This entails holding them down, spritzing them with a water bottle, drying and a gentle feather buff. After that we need to pack up food. Then it is off to the fairgrounds by 6:45 AM. Once we arrive we sit for an hour. We get there early so we can get the best pens with plenty of ventilation. It was a balmy 90°F today so imagine the poor critters cooped in the middle of the barn. Next the birds get a health inspection, we set up the fair cages with bedding and food, cage the poultry and lastly go to the entry office. Phew! I am tired just thinking of it. Needless to say, this night owl is not stay up until midnight even.

On an unrelated topic. I managed to get to my next door neighbor's house. I am watching her little Jack Russell terrier for the weekend but her good friend is also using the garage for a yard sale. She had the cutest little gnomes that had seen plenty of wear and tear. I thought they would be perfect for the garden. They ended up in the pots on the back patio. Are they not adorable?



Roses and stuff said...

Absolutely! They're so cute!

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Jessica~
Those gnomes are too cool! What a great find for your garden. Getting ready for the fair sounds like it was a lot of hot and tiring preparation. Was it for a competition? I hope you won :)
I just wanted to stop by and thank you for entering the giveaway and for posting my button on your blog! Stay tuned for the next one :)
Happy day~

Meredith said...

Lucky finds! Be careful of their naughy gnomish pranks, though!