Sep 28, 2009

Autumn is Here

Autumn has been slowly showing her face in Michigan. The nights are getting more and more cooler. Leaves are starting to color and fall to the ground. The smells are divine. Here are some photos that exemplify autumn.

Colored Leaves

Our Rhode Island Red pullet, Amber, is a very Autumnal red hue.

A bouquet of Autumn wild flowers and grass seed pods. Check out my crafty ribbon and leaf ring.


P.S. I apologize if my blog changes randomly over the next few days. I am working on getting it decorated for the two October/Halloween events I am participating in.


Autumn Belle said...

Good luck and best wishes in the coming October events. Wow, I'm expecting Halloween pictures from bloggers soon.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

There is beauty at every season... even the fallen leaves smell so sweet.... ~bangchik

Rosey Pollen said...

Love the new blog look, I will look forward to any new changes as well! Halloween is such fun holiday, esp, when you have kids. Are you going to dress up? I wear a "black middle-ages looking dress" it can be a witch or whatever I feel like. It's pretty versatile!

And since I feel like a witch, somedays, it's perfect.

I am glad fall has arrived. I just love your fall bouquets. Creative!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, what a great idea to pull Halloween into your blog. I can't wait to see the changes! Lovely fall bouquets!

Anonymous said...

Pretty leaves. Pretty flower arrangements. Lookin' good, Jessica.