Sep 29, 2009

A Vulture Story

What's this large bird in the middle of the road?

We sneak a little closer. I am excited by this time. I have been trying to photograph a Turkey Vulture for the last month since they have been more actively feeding. They aren't uncommon, just shy and hard to photograph without a telescopic lens. They are one of my favorite birds.

Darn! He or she flew off before I could get a clear photo. What snack did I interrupt? How about an adult and a juvenile Blue Racer. These snakes appear to have been hit by a car. Now they are a tasty meal, at least the vulture thinks so.

We sat waiting a ways down the road hoping the vulture would return to eat. It soared in circles around us.

At this point the vulture was circling wider and further away so we packed up and left the scene. Hopefully it was able to go back and finish its meal.



Nell Jean said...

Fun story, Jessica. We see lots of them here, we're very rural. My fav buzzard story is watching a vulture flex his wings, waiting, as a squirrel who'd been hit by a car lay in the throes of dying. Suddenly all the other birds began to scream and a hawk swooped down and bore the little creature over the trees into the woods. Curses! Foiled again!

SquirrelQueen said...

They are fascinating birds, I love to watch them soar against the clouds. Nice shots, it is difficult to get close to them.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the vulture was clucking to you from up above saying, "Wait! My snake! My dinner!" :)