Sep 26, 2009

Camera Critter Saturday

I had all these random photos of creepy crawlies, pets and other critters so I figured I would share them in a post. I found this blog called Camera Critters that does these types of blogs on Saturday. I love it when I am on the same wave length as others. So here are my critters.

A couple of photos of our adopted kitty, Mouser. She is such a good girl.

Sound asleep on the kids' bench.

This is one dirty duck!

A little ant on a milkweed leaf.

A grasshopper on the other side of the same milkweed plant.

A male mosquito hanging out on the side of the house.

Another Alabama photo, Harnessed Moth. It was definitely dead but still oh so pretty.

Close Up View

For more Critters go to Camera Critters:



Anonymous said...

Jessica, your cat looks just like ours. I'm always amazed at how much these black cats look alike.

The grasshopper photo is excellent. I used to spend a lot of afternoons catching them when I was a kid in Ontario. We don't seem to have as many here in Nova Scotia.

~mel said...

Cool critter photos.

magiceye said...

superb captures of lovely critters!

do get Mouser over to Pet Pride

Tulip said...

love your black cat, your cute messy duck and lots of insects. ",)

my entry:

Joy said...

Fun photostory - thanks for sharing this collection!

Cara said...

Mouser is such a pretty girl! I love black cats; they're my absolute favorite! That bench is definitely the perfect napping spot!

Jessica said...

Thanks for all the comments. For the folks from camera critters, we actually have two black cats. Mouser makes it in to my blog more just because she is our outdoor cat. She is semi feral so she will never be happy stuck indoors. Inky is completely an indoors cat. He makes an appearance here once in a while but since my blog focuses on a lot of outdoor things, it isn't as often.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Jessica! I love the dirty duck -- it reminds me of a painting I have in my bathroom. That moth is beautiful -- I'm sad it's dead. :( Even the grasshopper is beautiful, though I hate to admit it, because its Texas kin are eating my plants!