Sep 12, 2009

Future Garden Bed

Last week I was working on a massive weeding project. These are itch weeds that were well over 10 feet (3.048 meters) tall. In other words, HUGE! To add to the itch weed is a bunch of five leaf ivy growing in the Rose of Sharon trees. I got it into my head that I could clear all this out and put in a garden.

Oh look who is napping in the weeds. Can you find her? It is our semi adopted stray kitty, Mouser. She is slowly becoming part of our family.

Here you can see how much taller the weeds are than the neighbor's clothesline pest.

I found this little Woolly Bear caterpillar, which will eventually turn into an Isabella Tiger Moth. Common folklore says that the amount of black in the "wool" determines how long or sever winter will be. The link above says it is not so, that it has more to do with maturity. I personally think that they still are accurate. This bear tells me it is going to freeze early but we will have a a nice thaw. Then a brief freeze again before spring sets in. We'll see how my prediction works out.

Another treasure found while weeding was this jaw bone. I am not sure what it belongs to but I would lay odds on a opossum or raccoon. Its too large to be a mouse or mole. Maybe I will email a photo to the local nature center.

Looks like I finally managed to get some cleared out. I still have a bit more but a good chunk is cleaned up.

Full moon rising.

A warm fire for an evening of relaxing after the long day.



My Mother's Garden said...

Oh my, you've been working hard in the garden. How exciting to have so much new space to garden.I wish could find more space in my yard.
Beautiful full moon rising picture!

Rosey Pollen said...

Ambtitious lady you are! Can't wait to see what you do with that space. Rosey

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mouser! Good luck on that project. By the way, I like your full moon shot. It looks clear and beautiful. Good job on that, too.

Meredith/Great Stems said...

That was seriously a lot of work! I can't wait to see your new garden in place -- you deserve some beauty after all that hard work.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

To have weeds that tall, who need trees for shade?.. haha. It must be quite a task to have them cleared up... but moon will be there to cool the night.. lovely! ~bangchik

Sunita said...

Itch weed? I have no idea what it is but it really sounds nasty!
You desrve to relax after all that hard work :)

Jessica said...

We call it itch weed because the sap can cause a rash but it is better known as Giant or Great Ragweed(Ambrosia trifida L.) It is the main source of hay fever allergies and it is a nuisance plant in gardens. In other words, it is now gone. LOL