Apr 2, 2010

Blooming Friday - Spring Beauties

Spring has finally arrived. We have been in the upper 70's, lower 80's for the last two days. This has inspired the daffodils, forsythia and even the weeds to start blooming. The tulips are starting to bud out so they aren't far behind. Yes my friends, Spring has come to Michigan.

I am planning to get started on some beds this weekend. While I am not so foolish as to start sowing seeds it doesn't hurt to get the garden raked, tilled and fertilized in preparation of the coming season. My plans are to plant chiles, tomatoes, herbs, green beans, lettuce, swiss chard, onions and maybe some carrots. Of course, this is in addition to the countless annuals I am bound to pick up. So what is blooming in your neck of the world? What are you planning to grow as this season begins? If you are in the Southern hemisphere, what are you harvesting?

For now, here are some blooms to brighten your day. Click the photos for better viewing. You may save these photos for personal use (ie wallpaper, stationery, etc) but do not redistribute without my permission.

For more Blooming Friday posts, please visit http://rosorochris.blogspot.com/. On a sad note, she is discontinuing this meme. Don't fret, I will still post my blooms here, even if just a normal blog post.

Yellow Daffodil

Bi-color Daffodil

White Daffodils



Two weeds blooming. I apologize as I do not know there names. They are a type of ground cover weed.


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Katarina said...

Those are really beauties! I especially like white daffodils - they're my spring favouries!