Apr 5, 2010

Macro Monday - Easter 2010

Just sharing some photos of our family Easter gathering. There are a few macro photos in this post as well. For more Macro Monday entries, please visit http://lisaschaos.com/. Lastly, watch the video of our hunt at the end of this post. See if you catch the little slip I made. The funny thing is I didn't even hide the eggs. My older nephews did. I think I covered nicely though.

Pretty eggs all dyed and ready to photograph.

My nephew's very muddy truck. Do you see what the Easter Bunny left though? *Hint* Click the photo to take a closer look.

The hunt is on. Dave had to hold them back until we said, "GO!"

Look what I found while watching the boys hunt.

Going through their stash of Easter goodies. Not too bad and only one egg mysteriously vanished. We do know it is a plastic one. This is a good thing because real eggs found months later can be pretty nasty.

Time for dessert. My mother in law's marshmallow salad.

And here is the above mentioned video. Enjoy!



Qtswede said...

Great shots, Jess! Looks like the kids had a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun Easter Egg hunt! Love your red little "egg" find, too... :)

Gel said...

And the wheels go round... :)
Enjoyed but not as much as your kids!

Jessica said...

Sorry about the video folks. It should be working now.

Tammy said...

Great photography! I love the lady bug shot and the one of the eggs.

jay said...

Those eggs are beautifully coloured! And I love the ladybird, too!