Oct 17, 2010

BINGO! and an Award

One of the boys' favorite activities at the resort where we camped was Kids' Bingo. The prizes included candy, little toys, temporary tattoos etc. The big prize was that the recreational director would buy the lucky child an ice cream from the camp store. Both the boys were lucky this summer and each won an ice cream as well as several other trinkets.

Boy 2 concentrating.

Boy 1 looking irritated because he saw the camera. He's at "that age".

Now for my award. Angela over at The Pagan Mom Blog has bestowed me with the One Lovely Blog award. Thank you very much! Here are the details.

1. Accept the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link. 2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers that you have newly discovered. 3. Contact those blog owners and let them know they’ve been chosen.

Like Angela, I haven't really discovered any new blogs lately but I can share the ones I couldn't live without.

1. Posie Gets Cozy - - Crafty and General Life Blog
2. So Good And Tasty - Baking Blog. There are also a number of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free recipes here.
3. honey & jam - Baking Blog
4. Cake Wrecks -Humor Blog
5. The Junk Drawer -Humor Blog
6. Lake Superior Spirit - General Life and Nature Blog. Kathy inspires many deep thoughts.
7. Flandrum Hill - Nature Blog
8. Never A Dull Moment - Bonus: It is one of my high school friends that writes this blog!
9. Rue and Hyssop - Pagan Blog
10. Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts - General Life Blog but Linda could also be a humorist.
11. A Fanciful Twist - Everything Fun Blog
12. A Little Sweetness - Crafty Blog
13. Pamela's World of Scrap - Crafty Blog
14. My Nice Garden - Malaysian Garden Blog
15. Dung Hoe - American Garden Blog



Linda in New Mexico said...

Okay, first, I love your boy 1attitude....really Mom?????? Too funny.
And two, thank you so much for thinking that I might be a humorist as well as an Olde Bagg
hug, hug, kiss, kiss

Jessica said...

Ha you beat me to tagging you. I didn't have internet most of yesterday so I wasn't able to go and notify anyone. I can not wait until we have regular internet when we move in the house.

Oh and you make me laugh all the time so that makes you a humorist in my book LOL



Pamela said...

Thanks for the award!!!! :) You are so sweet.

Rosey said...

Dear Jessica,

First of all, thanks for the lovely blog award. It is sweet of you!

And second, thanks for commenting on my blog about the rain/water topic. I hope you are enjoying your fall in Michigan. Fall there is just beautiful.

And those cockroaches are kinda cool. I am so glad we don't get those in CO! I guess the cold kills them.

Rue said...

Thanks so much Jessica!

Your boy is cute! My neices give me this face now too. They were so easy to photograph a few years ago - now I get "the look."

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! "That age" says it all doesn't it?

Thank you for the award Jessica. Very kind of you.

Kathy said...

Jessica, thank you so much for the blogging award! How cool! (I probably won't be passing it along right now...but will try to pass along wonderful blogs as the year passes.) Glad your blog received an award AND it's always fun to see how your boys are growing.

jacqui said...

Thank you for the award Jessica! I'm really flattered you enjoy my blog enough to mention it. And congrats to you too!

Autumn Belle said...

My dear Jessica. Thank you very much for having me in mind for this lovely award. That was really sweet of you. Your boys are very cute and I also like the one with the attitude. You have said it correctly! They do behave like that at that age.