Oct 22, 2010

Sky Watch Friday - Blue Angel Show 2

This is part 2 of 2 posts on the Blue Angels. The first part can be found here: http://themagicalmundane.blogspot.com/2010/10/sky-watch-friday-blue-angel-show-1.html.

Today's post is from Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL in August. All through the summer, the Blue Angels open up their home base to the public to watch their practice runs. They also have all manner of Navy planes available to view.

Boy 2 & 1 posing by a helicopter.

They also have a Blue Angel open for the children to sit in. Boy 2 was much more enthusiastic about playing pilot than Boy 1.

Finally, it is time for the practice runs. There are far less tourists milling around at the practices due to the fact that they are held in the early morning hours on a weekday. This also means, more spectacular views.

Look Mom! I'm upside down!

Once the practice is over, everyone migrates into the Naval Aviation Museum.

Boy 2, Boy 1 and Grandma (my Mom)

Then the most wonderful thing happens. All the pilots come in and give autographs. The kids were able to collect quite a number of signatures before it was time for the pilots and us to head out.

For more sky photos visit Sky Watch Friday: http://skyley.blogspot.com/.



Anonymous said...

Great shots! Quite a display they put on too.

Vilt og vakkert said...

Oh gosh, what an experience ;:OD)