Oct 12, 2010

It's A Girl!

I wanted to share our new addition before going back to more July photos. On October 1st we adopted Miss Lucy Springs. She is about 1 1/2 years old and a full blooded Miniature Pinscher.

My husband gave her the middle name of "Springs" because he says she has back legs made of springs. When she is happy to see you she bounces right up into your arms.

Here are some of Miss Lucy's "All About Me" facts.

1. Lucy loves car rides.

She especially likes it when Daddy lays down the seat while waiting for the boys to get out of school!

2. Lucy is very alert and listens to almost everything said. This is one of the only times she has been allowed to sit at the table. She was so cute I had to snap a photo before scolding her to get down.

3. Lucy loves snuggling in blankets, the softer the better.

It is official. My family has become the average. We have mom, dad, two children a cat and a dog. Well , we can pretend to be average, right?


P.S. Most of the photos are from my new cell phone. Not to bad, eh?


Linda in New Mexico said...

She's so adorable. Now we have a sweet little dog now too.
missed your posting. The Olde Bagg

~mel said...

Well how sweet and lucky for little Miss Lucy Springs to have YOU in her life!!

Jessica said...

Why thank you both! Miss Lucy says she loves her new home and "c'mon Mom let's go for a ride." We are off to get the boys from school :D

Thanks again!