Dec 17, 2009

Baby Shower Cakes & Give Away

I am helping arrange a baby shower for my good friend "C". This is her fourth child but her first girl. Right now we are trying to get ideas for her cake. We have narrowed down a few potential designs but are having a hard time deciding.

Here is the deal, if you voice your opinion on which cake you like the best, I have a prize waiting for you. When you comment, if you don't have a Blogger account, use the Name/URL option so I know who the winner is. First, off you get to help with C's shower and since I am a crafter, I will make and send the winner a set of eight greeting cards: 2 Just Because/Friendship, 2 Thank You & 4 Birthday. I will need to make them so give me at least a week to get them made. I will mail these internationally, but it will be sent regular mail and I cannot be held responsible for what the postal services does en route. They will also be in English :) Here are a few samples of cards I have made in the past:

And without further ado, here are the cake style choices. Of course they will be altered to fit C's preferences regarding colors and such, but these are examples of design elements we liked.

1. Rectangle cake with onesie.

2.Onesie shaped cake.

3. Rectangle quilted cake.

4. Square (or round) clock cake.

I have looked all over and I can not find the link to where we found this one. If you recognize it, let me know so I can give proper credit.

5. Round critter cake using butterflies instead of ladybug and dragonfly.

6. Rectangle cake with footprint border in pink and purple.

7. Rectangle girly cake.

Update: Thank you to my sister for IDing this cake for me!

8. Rectangle cake with flower border. Again substituting butterflies for the large flowers and babies.

For an extra entry, re-post this giveaway on your blog or Twitter. Place a second comment letting me know where you posted it. If you use Twitter, make sure you Tweet @JessicaAFM

Contest will run from now until Sunday at midnight EST. Winner will be decided using Good luck!



Kat said...

i love the lady bug cake, its a good design, clean lines and looks decadent...that's my vote

Anonymous said...

I liked the onesie cake. It is cute and girly. There is my vote honey I hope it helps you some. Love you. "C" mom.

Anonymous said...

i honestly can't decide...i'm going to say 7.

Sarah Briley said...

I like the Goodbye Tummy cake

Anonymous said...

They're all gorgeous but I LOVE the "Goodbye Tummy, Hello Mommy" cake!

Dyan said...

I love the onesie cake it is the cutest although all the cakes adorable that one is my favorite!

Moon said...

All the cakes are wonderful!!!!!!
I want to tell you thank you for your sweet words on my blog, and I agree on Twilight. Just the name makes me gag a little. lol.
I like my "grown up" vampire show, Trueblood. Now THOSE are cool vampers!
By the way, CakeWrecks is so funny! Thanks for tuning me in to such a fun blog!

erythisis said...

I vote for the rectangle with flower babies.

Though I don't think I should qualify for winning a prize on account of being your sister. :D

And the site for the Beatles cake should be familiar...

Tracy Corzine said...

I vote for #8, I totally love the flower babies!

As an added bonus you could make all of the flowers with baby boys on them and then maybe add a taller pink flower with a baby girl on it just for Izzy.

Anonymous said...

I like #8 Hello Mommy

Autumn Belle said...

I choose the last picture with Hello Mommy, Goodbye Tummy. A variation would be to have 5 flowers (mum and dad and the 3 siblings). You can use their names or human figurines on each flower head. Make a stork to carry in the baby.