Dec 10, 2009

Long Day Pt 1

First off, I apologize for deleting a couple of comments from the Gingerbread post. I had some spam roll in and when I rejected it, Blogger decided to reject ALL my pending comments. Thank you for the kind words and interest in the Gingerbread Competition. I never did find out who won but I think they were all spectacular.

Yesterday was an interesting day. We were invited to our state capitol for a tribute in honor of my brother, Daniel, on the state senate floor. It was a lovely tribute and I felt so moved by the kind words and respect for my brother. I doubt that any of Michigan's senators read my blog but I want to send out a huge thank you to all of them.

Lansing is a pretty good distance from our corner of Michigan so it was a nice drive there. I was rather sleepy being it was 5 AM but I did take this photo of a tractor decked out in holiday lights.

After the senate tribute, we toured around the capitol building. It is so beautiful. They have done a lot of refurbishing in recent years. At one point in time, some one had painted over all the ornate details with plain white paint. I am so glad they decided to fix that.

Michigan's Capitol Building in Lansing, MI.

View of interior of the dome.

View of the lead glass floor below us.

View from the underside of the lead glass floor. Can you see the people above us?

The Senate floor before the presentation.

The House of Representatives floor.

View from Senator Jelinek's office balcony.

The Hall of Justice building just down the road.

Stay tuned for part two of this post tomorrow.



Autumn Belle said...

This is indeed a beautiful place. I love the 2nd last picture, showing the area covered in snow. Take care, Jessica.

Rue said...

I'm so glad the tribute to your brother went so well. The pictures you took of the building are just wonderful (and the lit-up tractor is pretty darn cute too!)