Dec 27, 2009

Christmas Recap

I am taking a break from our Arlington/Washington photos to share our Christmas morning photos.

Look what Santa brought to our home:

The Tree

Our holiday tree is an Italian Stone Pine. It can go outdoors in the summer but will have to come back indoors in the winter. You can find more information HERE.

We decided against getting a big tree and using our normal ornaments. The garland and animals were actually made in Kenya. I can not remember the organization that runs the program, but it gives wages to the women who handcraft them. The garland is made up of paper beads.

Our Rhino tree topper.


Gazelle or Antelope maybe



The Gifts

The boys open their present from Mom and Dad.What could it be?

An acoustic guitar! They also got a stand, picks, and two learn how to play books.

Kitty presents getting opened.

Inky has his feather ball.

Inky exploring kitty adventure land.

Mouser and her toy mouse. It makes realistic mouse sounds.

A few of my favorite gifts included The Bumble slippers from my hubby...

a Christmas Miracle (inside joke) from our housemate, DS...

and PartyLite penguins from our housemates MF, JF, & DS. Technically this was a Yule gift that I opened Wednesday but it is still one of my favorite holiday gifts so I am including it here. :)

I hope you all had a blessed Yule and a Merry Christmas. May the new year bring you peace and prosperity.



My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Jessica~
Looks like everyone had a very merry Christmas at your house. I love the ornaments from Kenya...ther's just something special about things that are handmade. And how wonderful that the artists make a wage for their creations.
Wishing you a very happy 2010!

Rowena said...

Thanks Jessica for sharing this with us. I'm sure the boys will have fun with the guitar.

Anonymous said...

I am in LOVE with your bumble slippers!!

If you remember which org does the ornaments I would love to know. They are beautiful ornaments.