Dec 12, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow!

I was going to show you all our first snow from December 3rd but now it seems silly being we are under a Winter Storm Alert and Blizzard Warning. Would any of you like this snow? We have been getting snow non stop since Wednesday afternoon. To make it even more fun, we have been getting some bad wind gusts. Wednesday we had gusts of 50-60 miles per hour. Thursday it died down to 25-35 miles per hour. The kids don't mind though. They had a snow day, which meant no school on Thursday.

Our little, itty, bitty amount of snow last week.

The beginning of the blizzard this week. My bench and rug are disappearing.

There goes the pumpkin left over from Halloween.

Snow falling and headlights in the not so distance. Visibility was less than a quarter of a mile.

Are you sure you don't want some of this snow. I will give it to you for free.



Kanak Hagjer said...

Lovely pictures! We from the tropics can't imagine the cold!! Would love to see a snowfall someday!:-)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Michigan friend. I also live in Michigan and am enjoying all this white, cold, beauty. But it can stop now. lol.

luv the pics, hmm inspires me to grab my cam and get a few pics myself.

stay blessed

Rue said...

Oooh pretty! LOL! No - it's pretty when you aren't driving in it! It started here today too and supposed to continue all week - but just bits here and there.

Be safe and warm!

Also, I tagged you over at my blog - if you want to participate.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, it's great to finally get over here and look at your snow pics. I love the way you documented that little, itty, bitty amount of snow from last week and contrasted it with the heavy falling snow. P.S. we don't want any of your snow...please send it south!!