Dec 11, 2009

Long Day Pt 2

As a recap, we were invited Wednesday to our state capitol for a tribute in honor of my brother, Daniel, on the state senate floor. Lansing is a pretty good distance from our corner of Michigan so we don't get there often. Yesterday's blog post had photos of the capitol. You can read about it HERE.

After the tribute services, my friend KT took us on a walk over to the Michigan Historical Museum. I can honestly say that I don't remember ever going there which is no small feat. When my siblings and I were young, my parents took us to just about every zoo, arboretum and museum within a 200 mile radius. Well maybe not EVERY single one but just about. I am not complaining. I just thought it was funny that I hadn't been there before. Here are some fun facts and photos from the museum.

First People Area: Native American replicas.

Arrow heads, hammer heads and spear points

Native American treasures: Arrow heads, shells, pottery and beads.

Pelts of common Michigan mammals used in fur trade.

Civil War Area: Civil War weaponry: Swords

Civil War weaponry: Pistols

The Cavalry Guidon Flag was used to identify the 5th MI cavalry during charges.

Mining Area: A replica of an early Michigan miner.

A slab of copper, not a replica. That is one huge chunk!

Rural Michigan: Dexter M Ferry started DM Ferry & CO in 1856 in Detroit, MI. This is still one of my favorite seed companies. They now operate under the name Ferry-Morse and moved to Kentucky.

Automotive industry. Hey, its Michigan. We are best known for our cars right?

1900-1904 Oldsmobile Runabout

Ford Model-T

1925 Flint Motor Company touring car that ran for $2000. That was a really expensive car for the time.

Hey, look who is a suffragist. It would be me.

Arsenal of Democracy area:

Michigan manufactured weapons and supplies even before we entered WWII, including this Jeep.

War Stamp support posters.

WWII kitchen. See the Victory cookbook on the shelf? I have that book on my shelf too. I bought it at a yard sale for 25¢.

1950's kitchen. I love the color scheme. I am saving this photo for when I am ready to redecorate a kitchen one day.

Oh and what 1950's display would be complete without a replica of a Fallout Shelter?

1957 Detroit Auto Show Corvette model.

So there is a very small sampling of all the fun exhibits. There is a whole lot more. The best part is that this museum is FREE. Yep, you don't see that very often anymore.

After the museum we walked back to the capitol, where my dad and step mom were parked. Before it was chilly but not snowing. On the way back the beginning of the blizzard we are now getting was coming in. There is my family walking ahead of me.

When we finally got to the car, we headed out to downtown Lansing for some food. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the giant Christmas ball ornaments.

We had lunch at the Tavern on the Square. It was very delicious. I had the French Ham & Cheese and a bowl of Beef Barley soup. Then we made one last stop at The Peanut Shop. They actually roast and/or deep fat fry nuts right there in the store. You are guaranteed to get some really fresh nuts. We bought some mixed tree nuts and some white chocolate covered pretzels.

Mr. Peanut at The Peanut Shop.

Time to head home. The highway was really bad as our blizzard had already come in by time we were heading back home. We had a very close call but eventually got home safe and sound.


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Rue said...

Glad you got home safely - those look like they were some big flakes starting to fall!

Great museum - and free is always good too!