Dec 22, 2009

Vintage Dressmaker Sewing Machine

Note: This post was prepared and scheduled in advance. I am in Virginia for my brother's interment at Arlington National Cemetery. I will be back home and posting on Thursday.

I have been meaning to share these photos with you. A while back, my husband's grandmother decided to move in with her daughter (my hubby's aunt). She is getting to the age where she needs assistance but is still fairly mobile. In the process of consolidating her belongings, she decided to bequeath some things to her heirs. David picked out two of the old clocks (the ones that require you to wind them with a clock key).

I have always stated that I was having none of this type of process. Mind you, I am not being callous but I feel that as an in-law, it is not place to make a claim to anything. Just like I do not expect Dave to interfere in any of my side of the family's inheritances. I told him to have fun spending time with grandma and I would see him when he got back. So imagine my surprise when Dave came home from grandma's house with something for me. She had decided I needed a sewing machine. I may have mentioned once or twice sewing costumes or pillows by hand but I didn't ever think I would be gifted this beauty. I love her!

So here is my new, old sewing machine. She is a Dressmaker De Luxe Precision Sewing Machine, Model number is CB. She same with all of her instructions, accessories and such. Unfortunately, they are buried in the box room with everything else yet to be unpacked. I will get back to you later with more photos and information.

From the front:

From the back:

I love this photo where the flash did not go off. The shadows add interest and almost a sensual feel with the shape of the machine.

Moon over at The Nocturnal Knit Witch has names for all her machines. She is quite a collector so if you fancy vintage sewing machines, go check out her blog. Anyhow, I think my machine needs a name. After all folks name their cars, boats, computers and other inanimate objects. Why shouldn't my little lady have a name? I think it should be sexy. She looks like a tart doesn't she? Anyone have suggestions?



Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

Okay Jessica, I will never look at a sewing machine in quite the same way again. Sensual was not a term I would have used in the same sentence with sewing machine, but yours definately is. My Mom's old cabinet style Singer has a similar shape and I will look at her with new apprciation. As to a name suggestion....I shall ponder that and get back to you.

Lyon said...

Wow that machine *is* a beauty! What do you think you will make with her first?


The name ringing in my head right now is Nadine. Maybe Marilyn in honor of you know who - it doesn't get any sexier than that. ;-)

Rue said...

How about "Vixen" ...or was that a reindeer? I think I may have had too much egg nog!

She is lovely though!

Anonymous said...

Last week, I bought a vintage dressmaker deluxe precision sewing machine at a funky little thrift store. From your photos, my machine is a bit older and rougher around the edges, but still sexy. Maybe I'll name mine, Mae West! Happy sewing.

Alicia's Creations said...

I love your blue Dressmaker sewing machine. One of my friend asked me if I wanted an old sewing machine and I said sure. 's just like your's but it's mocha and tan. It's in excellent condition and I would love to use it but I can't figure out how to thread it. Can you help? Alicia

Megan A said...

Hi there,
I just found one like yours and am trying to find the value of it. I read Anonymous' post that said she bought one just like it a bit rougher around the edges. I was wondering if she could tell me how much she paid for. I was also wondering if anyone could give me an idea of the history of this sewing machine since it's not as well known as Singer for example. Thank, Megan A.

Tim Johnson said...

I have the same one by chance do you know what model that is?because I'm trying to find the manual for it.