Feb 23, 2010

New Camera, New Photos

I brought my new camera to work with me today because I got some lovely African Violets for my birthday last week. My mother in law brought them in to my office. What better subject for my first macro photos with the new Nikon.

I also decided to test out the telescopic lens. The first photo is a snow mound from the plows on the other end of the plaza parking lot. It is about half a football field length away. Look how close it appears. Another example is the light posts in the parking lot. The first is with the regular lens. The second is with the telescopic lens.

Wow what a difference! I can't wait to take some bird photos with this camera. I think my bird watching hobby will be complimented enormously with the telescopic lens. If I can't ID them in the field the photos will help at home.

On another note, thank you for all the warm thoughts and prayers. I am still taking everything one day at a time. Some are good days and others not so much. I appreciate all of the support all my online friends and acquaintances have given.


Working and Playing Hard

Hi folks!

I know I haven't posted in over a month. So much for my resolution of posting more frequently. I have been busy with work. Some of you may or may not remember that I only work for about half the year. I work about four months (Jan-Apr) doing taxes for a large franchise. I am actually an office manager so that takes up most of my day. My only day off is Sundays right now. So if I am scarce, chances are I am at my office. I promise come April 16th you will be hearing from me a lot more. But since we have passed "peak" I am going to try to post at least once a week. So without further ado, here are a couple of photos of me at work.

Theresa (our standee) and me

Hanging out at at my desk.

In other news, I got two wonderful treats yesterday.

The first treat is a brand new laptop. My laptop was used and a rental. We still had a large sum left on it and for the same price we were able to by a much better quality laptop with more memory, faster speeds, etc. This is the one I got. I named it Cocoa. You can't tell much in the photo but it is a deep brown color.


My second treat was my new camera. I got the Nikon D5000 with an additional 70-300mm telescopic lens. I can't wait to take pictures with it!