Oct 12, 2023

Happy Friday the 13th (Early)

First, some housekeeping. Then, if you make it to the bottom, I have a treat for y'all. 

Let's dust this blog off. It's been a while. Times have changed, people have come and gone. We've even been through a world pandemic! Yet here we are, you the reader, and I, the blogger. I am still married to my best friend but we are officially empty nesters. We have a whole new plethora of animal friends some of you may or may not have met. I assume some, if not most, of you will arrive here via my social media accounts and will know all this. For my old blogosphere friends who happen to get this update as part of their Blogger notifications, "Hey! Welcome back to my space!"

The biggest change by far though is where I have gone on my tarot journey. When last we met, I was exploring. Now, I get to read for others. And that is a big reason we are back to this space. More and more social platforms are becoming ridden with spoof accounts and scammers. These platforms are doing the bare minimum to protect legitimate accounts and many times letting the false ones flourish while removing the original content creators. 

While I still intend to utilize and share on those platforms, I plan for this blog to be a safe harbor for my new fledgling tarot business, Magical Mundane Tarot. It will pair with my newly refurbished YouTube channel. 

Finally, I offer you this treat. Someone on a Facebook group I am on was looking for a Friday the 13th tarot spread. Most we found were geared toward shadow work and superstitions. I went ahead and made us a slasher spread where the card positions were based off of plot hooks throughout the franchise. Feel free to use and share to your hearts content. If possible, please tag me. Links are just below image. 

Happy Friday the 13th! May you have the luckiest of days!