Aug 16, 2010

Sand Castles

Boy 2 is such an ingenious architect. He loves creating and building. He also happens to be very photogenic. Please excuse the proud mommy gloating.

Anyhow, who needs a beach when you have all this sand on our camp site? Certainly not this little builder.


Aug 14, 2010

Camera Critter Saturday - Caterpillar Shopping

There are some basic rules to shopping for caterpillars. Mister Mocking Bird has volunteered to demonstrate these rules.

Rule 1: Always carefully inspect your caterpillar. You don't want one too small but you don't want one so big it will not fit in your beak. Make sure your caterpillar is clean and free of blemishes. Following this rule will ensure you get the most out of your meal.

Rule 2: Carefully pluck your choice from its environment. Be careful not too squeeze too hard as that will effect the flavor but be sure to hold it firmly enough so as not to lose your caterpillar.

Rule 3: Run as fast as you can so no one else will catch on that you have a very delicious caterpillar in your beak. Other shoppers may try to steal your groceries if you aren't quick!

Hopefully these rules will assist you in your next caterpillar shopping experience.

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Aug 13, 2010

Sky Watch Friday - Why I Love Dead Trees

I am an avid gardener and general plant lover. I even detest pulling weeds because they may just turn out to be something I like. I have been known to let poison ivy grow because it turns the most beautiful shade of red in the fall. But there are times when I love a dead tree, particularly when it is only partially dead. Why you ask? These trees make an excellent observation point for our feathered friends.

Since we have been camping out, I have taken a good number of photos of birds in these look out points. Here are just a couple of my favorites. There is a bit of darkness to them but that is because they were taken in the afternoon towards the northwest.

Mourning Dove

Northern Mockingbird

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PS Happy Friday the 13th ;)

Aug 12, 2010

Independence Day Activities

I hope you enjoyed the fireworks I posted on my blog yesterday. I know it is only a month late but better late than never, right? Now let's go back in time even further. The morning of July 4th we headed into Milton, our soon to be home town for the festivities.

Railroad bridge on the Blackwater River.

The Blackwater Pyrates were holding their annual rubber duck race. We should have bought one. The winning prize was $1500. But we didn't buy one, so we just enjoyed the race and all it's silliness.

Great Mill Town Duck Race

Pyrates in the Blackwater River scooping up ducks.

Costumed duck race judge.

Pyrate flag (from the reverse side).

We then went on a stroll through town and along the river. It was just your typical lazy afternoon. Everyone had a smile on their faces other than a few small "Mommy I am hungry" or "Honey can we fund a place to get some Coke" from me and the kids.

A turtle in the Blackwater River

Snow Cones!!

House boat on the Blackwater River.

A mysterious gated wall. I wonder what is on the other side?

An interesting weather vane.

Below is a side photo of the Imogene Theater. It has quite a history in Milton and has definitely had its ups and downs. It was built in 1912 and has been open off and on for various purposes. Most recently, in 2009, it had suffered damages from a fire that destroyed other buildings. It is currently being renovated with hopes to be open in 2011. For more information, check out the web site:

Imogene Theater

We also went to the Veterans' Memorial where they were having July 4th services.

US Navy Sea Cadets were the flag bearers. (These are kids between 11-17 years old)

Unknown Soldier

"Fallen Not Forgotten"

US Navy Blue Angels perform a fly over. There will be more information on them in a later post.

Next up was the kids area. This was the mother of all inflatable slides. It was bouncy and wet! And it only cost $1 per kid. How cool is that?

The Wild Rapids slide.

Boy 1

Boy 2

Finally it was time to find our spots for the fireworks. We found a place right next to the gazebo on the river walk. We got there just in time to hear this steel drum band. This was comprised of youth from a local church. These kids were fabulous and the boys just loved it!

Steel Drum Band

Big Boy and Boy 2 getting tips on how to play the drums.

Boy 2 listening to the band.

Boy 2 and Big Boy

Yours Truly listening to the band. Yep, I gave up control of my camera to my husband.

Since Boy 1 was not cooperating with me taking his photo, I was sneaky and shot this video of him rocking out. There is a bit of fuzziness to the audio because we were very close to the band.