Jan 24, 2012

Lemons: Start to Finish

This post was months in the making, literally. We planted a Meyer Lemon tree last February and we had to wait to get lemons. I diligently photographed the process from flower to cut lemons in my kitchen. We harvested our first lemons this past November. Happy birthday Ms Meyer Lemon. Hopefully you bless us with another batch of delicious lemons this year.

February - Lemon Blossoms

May - First little lemons developing. This is a close up so they look much bigger than they really were.

June - The lemons are quite a bit larger now.

July - The first hints of yellow begin appearing.

August - Yellow blush is definitely visible but there is still a lot of green left.

October - Almost completely yellow!

November - Our first ever lemon harvest! It was an exciting time to be had by all.

The kids opted to eat one right away, straight into the mouth. Dave and I opted to slice one up for a big glass of rum and Coke. Ahh, nothing beats the sweet tart flavor of home grown lemons.