Jul 10, 2010

Mad Tea Party

"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!" says the White Rabbit... and me too. I thought I would have time but with the move I did not. Always late to the party I am but now my own tea party. Sheesh! In all fairness, we realized we were going to be moving from Michigan to Florida on very short notice. I pushed my tea party up a week and figured I would get a chance to at least pre-schedule the post on my blog. Obviously, that didn't happen. My most sincere apologies to the hostess and readers at A Fanciful Twist. But I am sure you don't want to hear my groveling. Without further ado, let the party from Michigan begin... late.

Honored Guests gather for the party

Me and my outrageously silly friends. I miss you all already.


Johnny and Hannah

Me In my Tea Part best.

Prince Jeremy

Prince Allen

The kids insisted that Puppy and Roach were in attendance.

My favorite bed time animals. Yes, these guys hang out on my side of the bed much to my husband's chagrin.

Scummy-Yumptious Food fit for a Queen of Hearts

Cupcakes, Rainbow Goldfish with Dum Dums, Gummy Bears, Candy Necklaces, Cookie assortment, Rainbow Twizzlers and Berry Tarts.

Close up of Goldfish and Dum Dums.

Let the kittywampus begin!

Johnny showing his mad cart wheel skills.

Rainbow Socks all around, except Johnny. Tsk Tsk

Group silliness

Oh no, it can't be time to go home. So sad :(

Johnny in his thoughtful pose

Big thanks to my good friends Steffie, Johnny, & Hannah for participating. Also, to my children and the stuffies and dolls in attendance.



Linda in New Mexico said...

You might be late, but you're cute as always. Great food, fun friends, stylin attendees all round. I'm glad that you had your soiree and let's us in on the good stuff.
Wow Florida...now there's a change of scenery.
says The Olde Bagg, Linda

Rosey said...

I noticed that you have on one of those yummy candy necklaces. MMM....such fun!

Anonymous said...

You should submit a photo for the Dum Dums contest at www.lifeofdumdums.com for a chance to win $2500 & other cool prizes!

Jessica said...

That is a great suggestion and I think I will. Thanks Anonymous!