Mar 27, 2012

What's Blooming?

It has been fairly busy at our home lately. We have had two different family members come from Michigan to visit. My husband and I have had pretty hectic work schedules and the kids always have something going on. I figured a "bloomin" blog was in order. There are many things blooming in and around our Florida home but here is a small smattering. 

A few Azaleas are still blooming.

Day Lily



Bottlebrush Bush


My favorite "weed", Wild Phlox

Sweet William Dianthus

Another favorite "weed", Wood Sorrell

This is about as close as I can get to the Angelonia right now. There is a mated pair of House Finch building a nest. We are only trying to disturb them when we carefully water the basket. Hopefully, they can up with us until Friday when we can pick up an automatic watering bottle.



Rue said...

Lovely flowers - I can't wait to see some blooms here!

How sweet to have birds nesting in your flower basket! It will be so fun to see the chicks.

Al said...

Beautiful pictures

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures.