Dec 9, 2010

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Boy 2's birthday. He turned the big 10. Now both of my boys are in the double digits. It's a bit sad as a parent to see them grow up so fast, but they are a joy at this age too. He still hasn't gotten too old to be seen with mom and he still enjoys playing games with me. One day he'll be embarrassed, but for now he's still my little boy. Enjoy these photos. His school mates are blacked out for their family's security.

Boy 2 helping to make his cake.

The cake. The smiley we put on the night before. Big mistake. Apparently, the Tootsie Rolls™ sweated in the night. But the kids made up a story about how the cake was crying because it knew it was going to get eaten, which resulted in a lot of laughs for the adults.

My mom came up with this relay race game. The kids split into teams. Each team got a pail and a sponge. The object was to race to a bin with warm water in it. When you got there, soak your sponge. Run back to your team's pail and squeeze the water out. Hand the sponge to the next kid and repeat. The winning team was the first to overflow their bucket.

Of course, we had to have musical shares.

The finale was the cake!


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Linda in New Mexico said...

Happy Birthday No. 2, Happy Birthday No. 2, Happy 10 years old to ya..........Birthdays are way cool and yours looked like alot fun. The Olde Bagg, Linda