Dec 3, 2010

Our New Home

Have you been impatiently waiting to see our new home in Florida? Well guess what? I am up to those photos in my back log. So here is a virtual tour of our new home.

Views of the front, from the road. The first is also my Sky Watch Friday photo.

Views of the backyard. The fenced area is an old dilapidated chicken coop. When it warms up again, I plan on remodeling it for our future hens.

Our pretty pool and a view of the back of the house, from the backyard.

Ready to step inside? These photos are from before we moved in. The house is not nearly as empty now. The first room is our living room.

Then we have our dining room, which is also an extension of the kitchen.

Next up is the kitchen. I call the wall color "Campbell's™ Tomato Soup" Red.

Next we have our little breakfast nook. Both cats and the dog love the window seat. Its probably their favorite spot in the whole house.

The next area is our family room, which is also dubbed The Nautical Room. I am decorating this room in an ocean theme. We have model sail boats, wicker furniture and eventually our shells will be in nets in this room. The couch in the picture is now by the fireplace in the living room.

That was every thing on the one side of the house. The other side houses three bedrooms. One of the bedrooms is serving as an office and craft space for me. We also have two bathrooms.

This dark colored bedroom with the wall patch is now a warm butter yellow color. It really cleaned up nicely.

I hope you all enjoyed your virtual tour.

For more sky photos visit Sky Watch Friday:



April said...

Looks great! I'm very envious of that enormous yard!

Rue said...

A nice sized house! And that yard - wow! I'd be digging in that dirt so fast - lol!

Enjoy your new home (and pool!)

Margaret Almon said...

Your nautical room looks almost exactly like our bedroom! Our house was built in 1900, but I'm sure the paneling was added later, complete with dark wood molding and a window seat.

Jessica said...

Thanks guys!

Margaret, Interesting. The prior owners actually did use it as a bedroom. Or at the very least they set it up to look like a bedroom when they put it on the market.