Dec 11, 2010

Camera Critter Saturday - Whispering Pines

Yesterday, we went on our holiday tree hunt. We found out that there is a tree farm not too far from where we went to get our pumpkins, Whispering Pines. So off we headed, into the country, for a tree. Being a Northerner, it was a whole new tree experience. There were no Scotch or White pines. Our choices were Leyland Cypress, Cedar, or Virginia Pine. We ended up with the Virginia Pine. Enjoy these photos of our tree hunt.

Looking for the perfect tree.

The tree I wanted that was too big to fit in our house. We really need cathedral ceilings.

Time for Dad to cut it down...

and load it up.

Merry Christmas & Blessed Yule from all of us.

More silliness.

Critters at the tree farm.

The zip line.

A bucking bronco.

Heading back home after a fun day at the farm.

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beautiful snaps

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Fun Pictures!
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