Dec 10, 2010

Sky Watch Friday - Yachting

We were fortunate to make a new friend in Florida. He is a wonderful man and all four of us love spending time with K. Over the summer, he bought himself a pretty little boat and took us out on it. Thank you K. We had so much fun! Oh and ladies, Mr K. is available. Hint, hint.

Anyhow, this post is pretty graphic heavy so you may want to walk away and let it load, depending on your Internet connection.

The beautiful inter coastal waters.

Sailboats in the distance. I was using my telescopic lens.

Another yacht zips by.

Unfortunately, this is the only photo of Mr K that I got on the trip. That is his hand in the upper right hand corner. He was telling Boy 2 how to read the sonar and GPS devices.

Boy 1 relaxing.

Dave up in the steering area.

Dave relaxing on deck.

Me enjoying the weather.

Pastel beach houses.

There are a lot of these beautiful and expensive homes along the inter coastal waterway.

Mr Doggy came out on one of the piers to greet us.

But the best part of the trip was the birding. Well at least to me it was my favorite part.

While not indigenous to the US, Mute Swans are common in most areas, especially near zoos that have lost them in the past

We saw various gulls. I believe these are all Laughing Gulls.

Some sort of sandpiper. I haven't lived here long enough to know all my shorebirds yet. I am working on getting them ID'd.


Great Blue Herons

Great White Egret

Here are some of the boats we saw at the marina.

The boys all tuckered out.

This is my Sky Watch submission. The sun setting tinged the sky this rosy shade as we headed back over the bridge towards home.

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