Dec 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse 2010

Today was the Winter Solstice and Mother Nature threw in extra treats this morning, a full moon total lunar eclipse. The last time a total eclipse took place on the solstice was in 1638, over 400 years ago. The next one will not be until 2094. Quite a special event to be a guest, I would say. So for those of you that missed it, here are some photos I took as well as a video. Enjoy!!

I wish you all a wonderful Solstice.



Autumn Belle said...

So glad you shared with us this defining moment in history. I didn't see the eclipse, (too superstitious) but I celebrate the Winter Solstice Festival today. Jessica, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

greekwitch said...

Thank you for that. It was n't visible from here! Yuletide blessings..

Suzi Smith said...

They are spectacular photos... especially the ones in shadow!