Dec 24, 2010

Sky Watch Friday - Beaver Moon

If you are looking for eclipse photos, they are here: Lunar Eclipse 2010. However, I hope you will enjoy these photos of November's full moon.

The November full moon has two names. The first is Beaver moon.

There are two theories that abound regarding this name. The first is that this is the time when the settlers and Native American's started setting their beaver traps so they would have plenty of furs to keep them warm in the winter.

The other possibility is that this is the time when the Beaver's started getting their dams ready for the long winter.

Settlers, Native Americans and Beavers alike, all knew winter was coming soon and were ready to get settled in.

The other name for this moon, is the Frost Moon. You could expect November to be a very frosty month.

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namaki said...

beautiful pictures of the moon and thanks for the explanations about the name : Beaver Moon

Autumn Belle said...

Jessica, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Springman said...

I am visiting all moon people. Greetings from Earth!

Amy said...

Wow, that is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.